[Mobile router] How to fix the Cellular Signal LED showing Red of FWA510?

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When the cellular signal LED on your FWA510 modem turns red, it's signaling an issue with signal reception. A constant red light indicates weak signal strength, while a flashing red light points to an absence of cellular signal or extremely poor signal strength.

Here's how you can address this signal issue effectively:

  1. Shift the Position of Your Modem: Experiment with placing your modem in various spots around your location to find a spot with stronger signal reception. Ideally, position it close to a window or at an elevated spot in your building for optimal signal reception.
  2. Attach an External Antenna: Boost your modem's signal reception by attaching an external antenna. This step is particularly beneficial for those situated in areas known for weak cellular signals. An external antenna can provide a significant improvement in signal strength, making it a worthwhile consideration for enhancing your connection quality.