[Release Note] Nebula Control Center - 18.00 software Release!

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center Release Note

Common NCC (Organization, Site-wide, etc.):

  1. Client pages are redesigned to include comprehensive information and different view options.
  2. The notification UI has been improved to provide clearer information.
    Note: Maintenance announcement will be always on the top of the notification.
  3. The terminologies for License status are changed to be consistent among Zyxel services.

Wireless LAN (WLAN):

  1. Add a new Dashboard widget to display the current wireless clients by different bands.
  2. AP List now features a more intuitive column selection layout.


  1. Cloud stacking feature now includes the XGS2220 series.
    Note: Available for firmware V4.80(Axxx.4) and above. Nebula Pro Pack license is required.
  2. Cloud stacking offers options for 2-port and 4-port stacking.
    Note: Only applicable to XGS2220 Series.
  3. Add Flow Control settings on the Switch Ports.
    Note: XGS2220 is the first support model(with firmware version V4.80(Axxx.4). Other switch models will support this feature in future firmware. You may check the device function table (Help > Device function table > Switch) to find the support model.
  4. Switch Device List now features a more intuitive column selection layout.
  5. Switch Port List now features a more intuitive column selection layout.

Security Firewall:

  1. Make implicit Firewall rules, which are generated by NAT rules, visible in the Security Policy.
  2. Automated filter of potentially offensive content: Enforces Google / Yahoo / Bing safe search.
  3. Added Reserve IP policy in All Client page to ease the static DHCP binding configuration.
  4. Support NBDD license for USG FLEX H series.

Security Router:

  1. Support new model USG LITE 60AX. It equipped with dual 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports, providing security and 4x4 WiFi 6 into one box.
  2. Improve the usability of static DHCP binding settings for USG LITE Series.

Note: The Nebula 18.00 works best with USG LITE 60AX firmware v2.0 Patch2, which will be available later.

Mobile Router:

  1. N/A

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