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I've got some Accesspoints (NWA 50ax, NWA210ax etc.)that I have been using the last few months with an old TP Link router. Recently I switched to a Zyxel scr50ax as the network router. Since the change my smartphone (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S) can not connect to the Network. However If I remove the scr50ax from the SSID the smartphone connects just fine. I haven't changed anything on the SSID settings.

Could anybody help me with this problem?


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    Hi @Jonny20897

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Please help to turn on support request by below article

    To clarify the symptoms, please create two SSID profiles.

    Set up both with SSID passwords, and ensure the security mode is configured as WPA3-Mixed. Additionally, designate one SSID to be broadcast exclusively by SCR, and the other SSID to be broadcast solely by NWA50AX.

    Try to connect to both SSIDs and check if the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S could get the IP address.
    By the way, aside from the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, are other wireless clients functioning normally?

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