EX5601-T0 Connectivity Tab Bug? (F/W V5.70(ACDZ.2)C0)


Another bug/issue on the EX5601-T0 F/W V5.70(ACDZ.2)C0
Can't find any references to a known issue or firmware update

On the Connectivity widget on the home screen

If I select this widget I don't have any devices listed:

Is this a known bug / issue and if so, when is a firmware update planned.


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  • F4RN_Chris
    F4RN_Chris Posts: 5
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    Adding some more detail to this bug.
    If I enable the "Mesh" feature then I now start to see some details of my network - but only on the (new) Topology screen

    If I select "List" then nothing happens…

  • pinoabete
    pinoabete Posts: 2
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    Hello, i have the same bug with the newest release ACDZ2.4. In my case the bug happens when i activate the static IP DHCP assignrment. Is there a zyxel mailbox where to report these bugs? Thanks.

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