Understanding Mesh Technologies: WDS, Smart Mesh, and ZyMesh

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In our networking infrastructure, we provide three distinct mesh technologies: WDS (Wireless Distribution System), Smart Mesh, and ZyMesh. Each of these technologies is tailored to different management frameworks and usage scenarios.

WDS is primarily designed for standalone mode APs to extend network systems, providing enhanced coverage and flexibility.

SmartMesh, on the other hand, is optimized for APs managed through Nebula, our cloud-based networking platform. This framework facilitates efficient performance and scalability within Nebula's management environment.

ZyMesh is specifically crafted for APs managed under the control of an AP controller, ensuring seamless integration and centralized management.

Note: WiFi 7 access point WBE660S no longer supports the ZyMesh function. This also applies to all new access points, including NWA130BE and later versions.

For guidance on configuring WDS, Smart Mesh, and ZyMesh functionalities, we recommend consulting the articles available in our knowledge base. While these articles may be based on other access points, the configuration process is highly similar and can provide valuable insights for setting up these features effectively.

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