Overview and Installation Guide for SUPERGO-GE

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The SUPERGO-GE Ethernet Surge Protector (SURGEPRO-GE) is designed to shield commercial networking equipment from power interference, ensuring data security and prolonging device lifespan. This guide provides easy-to-follow instructions for installing and maximizing the benefits of this essential device.

This article offers a general overview of the series and may not apply uniformly to every model, software/firmware version. Before purchasing or using the device, please consult the model/version-specific documentation or reach out to technical support for accurate information.


  • Protects high-speed networks from surges and electrostatic discharges.
  • Cost-effective solution for safeguarding Ethernet devices.
  • Compatible with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and non-PoE devices.
  • Supports connection speeds of up to 1 Gbps.


Important Notes:

  • Ensure proper direction of installation with the ground cable connected to a grounding terminal to effectively protect against lightning and high-voltage surges.
  • Do not connect Ethernet devices to power during installation.
  • Avoid overlapping Ethernet cables connected to OUT (protected LAN) and IN (Surge) to prevent high-voltage surge transfer.
  • Make sure the on-site grounding terminal has an earth resistance of less than 5 ohms or complies with electrical regulations. If unsure, consult an electrician or relevant authorities.

The following Table shows the Behavior of the SUPERGO-GE LED.

Ethernet Device



With PoE Power



With PoE Power

Non- functioning, replace the SUPERPRO-GE


Installation Steps:

  1. Grounding Connection:
    Secure the SUPERGO-GE's ground cable to an on-site grounding terminal using a grounding screw (not included).
  2. Connecting Protected LAN:
    Connect an Ethernet cable (less than 20 cm) from the OUT port of SUPERGO-GE to the Ethernet device to be protected.
  3. Surge Connection:
    Use an Ethernet cable to connect both IN ports of SUPERGO-GE.

By following these installation guidelines, you can effectively protect your network equipment and ensure uninterrupted business operations with the SUPERGO-GE Ethernet Surge Protector.

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