How to Remote Capture Wireless Packets through an Access Point?

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Capturing wireless packets in the air is a valuable diagnostic tool for network administrators to monitor and troubleshoot of a wireless network. This process involves intercepting and logging the data packets that are transmitted over the air between wireless devices and access points. It helps in analyzing network traffic, identifying connectivity issues.


Packet capture is performed directly from the AP and the packets could dump to a PC running Wireshark.


1. A laptop where Wireshark has already installed inside.

2. A Wi-Fi 6 AP models with firmware versions later than 6.70(besides of small business models), required at least one SSID enabled on capturing radio.

3. Ensure that both AP and laptop are set to the same radio frequency, channel width, and channel to capture packets effectively.


1. Whether the AP running in Nebula or Standalone mode, go to AP’s local GUI > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Remote Capture.

2. Input Server Port as 2002 and click Start.

3-1. In the laptop where Wireshark has already installed inside, click the “Capture” button on the dashboard, or the gear icon on the menu bar.

3-2. Click “Manage Interfaces” button on the pop-up window.

3-3. Move to the third tab “Remote Interface”, and then click the + plus icon on it.

3-4. Type the IP address of the Monitor AP and the port number (Zyxel set default as port 2002) > Press “OK”.

3-5. Select the interface(radiotap0 = 2.4GHz radio interface, radiotap2 = 5GHz radio interface), and then press OK and Start.

After completing the packet capture, the packet file can be analyzed to review the captured information.

For AP managed by controller, please refer to this article for configurations.

After successfully capturing wireless packets, network administrators can analyze the data to identify potential security threats and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Additionally, packet captures can be used for delivering to support for further investigation.