Problem with defective unit replacement


Has anyone had a problem getting Zyxel to replace a defective unit?

We purchased PLA-6456 powerline units several weeks ago. One unit appears to be defective not recognizing other units on the same circuit and most recently neither recognizing other PLA-6456 units but also not recognizing the ethernet traffic generated by other units on the same circuit. I've submitted a support ticket, pictures and video of behavior, and now support seems to have gone dark not responding to the ticket. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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    Hi @Machba

    Please help to provide us with the ticket number in a private message?
    And please also help to provide where is your region.

    Btw, have you done the reset on the issue device?
    Does the symptom remain on the specific device after done the reset?

  • Machba
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    Private message sent.

    Located in Florida, USA

    Reset had no effect

    There are currently 3 working units at the location.

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