How to measure signal overlap for effective client roaming?

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To ensure smooth client roaming between two APs, it's crucial to have consistent SSID and security settings. This means setting up both APs with the same SSID and security method.

Another critical aspect is signal overlap. This FAQ guides you on setting optimal signal overlap.

The Wi-Fi coverage from the two APs should overlap by about 15-20%, you can set the signal strength at the midpoint is about -65dBm or lower. This level of overlap is essential for continuous connectivity.

To measure this overlap, install the tool as inSSIDer on your PC or a Wi-Fi scanner app on your mobile phone. Test the wireless signal at a midpoint between the two APs:

  • If the signal strength from both SSIDs is lower than -65dBm, your setup is optimal.
  • If the signal is stronger than -65dBm at this midpoint, you should reduce the output power of the APs to prevent excessive overlap and potential interference.

You can also generally set the steering based on the signal at a midpoint.

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