How to improve cellular WAN signal strength with external antenna?

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In certain Nebula mobile router models, users have the option to connect external antennas, offering a potential boost to cellular WAN signal strength. Here's how you can optimize this feature:

  1. Identify Antenna Connectors: Depending on the model, Nebula mobile routers may feature either two or four external antenna connectors. To leverage this feature effectively, it's advisable to utilize all available connectors when switching to external antennas.
  2. Configuration Setting: Ensure that the INT/EXT switch on the device is set to EXT mode to enable the use of external antennas. This step is crucial for the mobile router to recognize and utilize the external antenna setup.
  3. Antenna Positioning: After installing the external antennas, consider their positioning. Aim the antennas towards known base station directions if such information is available. If not, experiment by pointing the antennas in various directions to determine which yields the strongest signal reception for your device.