EX3600-T0 switching admin password when setting it to Extender operations mode

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I have a EX3600-T0 router that works perfectly fine as a router and the information at the back of the device works fine to login to the web admin UI and access the wifi.

I now want to use it as a wifi Extender instead so I go into Maintenance --> Operation mode and change it from Router to Extender in the web UI. Then connect it with a LAN cable from my new router LAN port to a LAN port on the EX3600-T0.

It then pops up as a new WiFi network SSID (Zyxel_...) compared to what it was called previously. I can see what IP it has got as well from the DHCP in my new router, and I can access the web UI of the EX3600-T0 at that IP but I can NOT log in anymore. It's as if the password has changed. And the password found online for "Zyxel repeaters" (1234) does not work either.

I've tried resetting the EX3600-T0 multiple times but same behavior all the time. Driving me crazy, it's as if it's booting up from a different partition or something when it's changed to Extender operations mode.

Any help would be appreciated!

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    I think you should remove WAN cable on EX3600, then try to login the device. Maybe you are login to the wrong device.

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    I don't have the WAN cable attached on the EX3600.

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