How to capture the AP uplink packet via mirroring?

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Why need to capture the AP uplink packet

FAQ Content:
In certain troubleshooting scenarios, capturing the AP uplink packet is necessary. For instance, you might need to verify if the AP is forwarding the client's DHCP Discover packet to an uplink device such as a switch, gateway, or DHCP server. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this.



In the Switch GUI

  • Choose the Mirroring feature
  • Choose the monitor port (connected to your PC), and mirrored port (connected to the AP)
  • Click Apply

Note: The steps for setting up mirroring can vary between different switches.

In the laptop where Wireshark has already installed inside

  • Click the “Capture” button on the dashboard, or the gear icon on the menu bar.
  • Select the Ethernet interface
  • Capture packets for several minutes. Then, click "Stop" in the Wireshark tool to end the packet capture.

After completing the packet capture, the packet file can be analyzed to review the captured information.

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