What’s new for Nebula App 2.1?

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We released a new version of Nebula App few days ago, with many exciting functions! Let’s take a look the top 4 new features.
MSP portal: Org and Site overview

VPN topology display

Site-wide map displays devices location
Switch ports status display and PoE port power cycle

Want to explore more new functions? Download it now.



  • newtype
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     i just tested this new version and I'm very glad with its improvement. especially i tested the locator feature, it responded quickly. I love it ! also the PoE "re-power" feature can be very useful. 
    Just one suggestion, in the "wifi setting", it lists out all SSIDs but no vivid way to see which is really active. It surprised me at beginning as I thought I turned on some SSIDs by accident. but when I click "edit", i can see they're not enabled actually. So please improve it like grey out those inactive ones.
  • Nebula_Bayardo
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    Hey @newtype
    We are glad you are enjoying the new feature and the whole Nebula APP :blush:
    Happy to get your feedback, it will help us to keep improving :+1: . Currently, the WiFi settings in APP show the enabled SSIDs with bold letters as in the image:

    However, we heard you and this will be improved in a future release to make it more vivid as suggested :sunglasses: Many thanks!