[NEBULA] How do I make client launch a landing page the moment it gets connected to the guest wifi?

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Do not misunderstood this as a captive portal request.

When setup as a captive portal, the landing page is a pop ups. If user press cancel by accident, the page is gone. What I want is different, there is no password or authentication needed for the guest wifi. But I want to make the device launch a landing page from their browser (not a pop up) so they can start doing something on it, eg sign up as new membership and the page stays until user force close it at the browser.

How to do this?

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    Hi @ZuoBohKing,

    You can use "Click to continue" in captive portal for the guest network clients, and redirect them to the website you want in Captive portal behavior > To promotion URL:. Then, the clients must go to the page and start doing something until they force close it at the browser.


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