How to assign licenses to a device in license tab?

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Nebula user can assign Nebula licenses in the device or license tab. These two pages have a little difference. This FAQ will guide you on assigning licenses to a device in the license tab.

  1. Make sure you have unused licenses.
  2. Click the action button > assign license of one license you want to assign.
  3. If you want to assign multiple licenses, please select the licenses and click the action button at the top of the license list.
  4. Nebula will automatically assign the license to the devices in this organization by the minimum period (default assignment mode ). You can change the assignment mode if needed.
  5. if you want the license assigned to a specific device, you may change the selected license count to 0 to release the licenses. After that, you may assign it to a specific device.
  6. Done.

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