[NEBULA] Can I establish 2 or more simultaneous connection over IPSEC/L2TP ?

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I have 2 users authenticated to connect over IPSEC/L2TP. Both can login VPN if there is no established connection already. If one of them is online, another one can't login, it get stuck on the Phase 2.

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    In my understanding is yes, you should be able to login VPN with multiple account.
    Did you see anything related to VPN in the event logs?
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    Yes, I see something like enclosed.
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    I notice you also report it on eITS, have reply back please feel free to follow up on ticket.
    Thanks~ :)

    For everyone who might have the issue when connect L2TP tunnel, you can check.
    1. VPN log category, find the negotiation flow stop from which step.
    2. If NSG located behind the NAT server then make sure the port forwarding is correct on UDP        4500 and 500 
    3. Check the L2TP setting such as "L2TP pool" (have enough IP for all clients) or pre-share key via      Gateway>L2TP over IPSec client.

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