Announcement for Service Maintenance

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Announcement for Service Maintenance

This article will cover the new features and enhancements in Nebula 18.00 release, focusing on the new notification system for service maintenance.

Enhanced Notification System in Nebula Control Center

In Nebula 18.0, we have revamped the notification system to provide more comprehensive alerts for service maintenance and system upgrades. Here’s a detailed overview of what you can expect:

Accessing Notifications

To access notifications, look for the bell icon on your Nebula dashboard. If your screen resolution is too small, you might need to click on the "More" option to reveal the bell icon. This icon serves as your gateway to all notifications regarding system activities and alerts.

Types of Notifications

Previously, the notification system was limited to alerts for firmware upgrades and device offline statuses. In Nebula 18.0, we’ve expanded this to include notifications for system upgrade periods and service outages. Here are the key types of notifications you’ll receive:

  1. Firmware Upgrade Notifications: Alerts you when Nebula automatically upgrades the firmware on your device.
  2. Device Offline Notifications: Notifies you if a device goes offline.
  3. System Upgrade Notifications: Informs you about scheduled system upgrade periods, such as moving to Nebula 18.10 or future versions
  4. Service Outage Notifications: Alerts you if one of our service portals experiences downtime due to technical or server-side issues.

Notification Visibility

When there is a new notification, a red dot will appear on the bell icon. Clicking on the icon will display a list of all current notifications. To ensure that critical alerts are easily noticed, system upgrade and service outage notifications will always appear at the top of the list, followed by firmware upgrade and device offline notifications.

Notification Duration

The duration for which notifications remain visible depends on their type:

  • Firmware Upgrade and Device Offline Notifications: These alerts typically stay in your notification window for up to seven days.
  • System Upgrade and Service Outage Notifications: The duration these notifications remain visible is determined internally and can vary based on the nature of the activity. For example, a planned maintenance activity might be displayed for three days.

We hope these enhancements will provide better visibility and management of your network activities, ensuring you stay informed about all critical events.