Client Page Enhancement

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Client Page Enhancement

In Nebula 18.00, we have introduced a series of significant enhancements to the client page. These updates are designed to provide better visibility, improved filtering, and more detailed information about the clients connected to your network. Here’s a comprehensive overview of these enhancements:

Subcategories in the Drop-Down List

Previously, the client page drop-down list only offered broad categories like "All," "Access Point," "Switch," and "Firewall." This led to some confusion about the "All" category. Now, we've refined this by adding more specific subcategories. Users can now see:

  • All Clients: All clients in your Nebula site.
  • Clients by Device Type: Choose between Access Point clients, Switch clients, and Firewall clients.

This addition helps users quickly identify and select the appropriate category for their needs.

Toggle for Wireless and Wired Clients

When selecting "All Clients," you now have an additional option to filter by connection type:

  • All: Shows both wireless and wired clients.
  • Wireless Only: Displays only clients connected wirelessly.
  • Wired Only: Displays only clients connected via wired connections.

This feature is particularly useful for troubleshooting specific types of network issues, allowing you to focus on either wireless or wired clients as needed.

Display of All Available Columns

In response to user feedback, we have made all columns available on the "All Clients" page. Previously, this page displayed a limited set of columns because different devices have different relevant information (e.g., a switch client doesn't have an SSID). Now, all relevant columns are displayed, and if a specific column doesn’t apply to a client (e.g., SSID for a switch client), a dash ("-") will appear in that field. This ensures comprehensive visibility for all types of clients without losing important details.

Isolated Filter Preferences

Your filter preferences on the client page are now isolated between different client categories. This means that if you set specific filters on the "All Clients" page, these preferences will not impact the filters set on the "Access Point" or "Switch" client pages. This isolation allows for more customized and efficient management of client information.

Toggle for Nebula Devices as Clients

There is now a toggle button to show or hide Nebula devices (e.g., APs and switches) as clients. Some users prefer to see these network devices listed as clients for monitoring purposes, while others do not. This toggle allows you to customize your view according to your preference.

Handling Missing Information

If certain information is not available for a client (e.g., SSID for a firewall client), NCC will display a dash ("-") to indicate that this data is not applicable or available. An empty field (no dash) indicates a problem retrieving the data from the server. This differentiation helps users quickly understand the data availability and integrity.

Custom Date Range Selection

You can now select a custom date range for viewing client data. The new date selection feature allows you to choose a custom range similar to the summary report style. You can select data from up to the last 365 days, with a maximum range of 30 days at a time. This enables more flexible and detailed historical analysis of client activity.


These enhancements to the client page in Nebula 18.00 are designed to provide a more intuitive, detailed, and flexible user experience. They allow for better filtering, visibility, and management of network clients, helping users to troubleshoot and optimize their networks more effectively.

For any questions or further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team.