How to turn the 6 GHz radio off on the NWA130BE AP (controlled by Nebula)

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How can I turn the 6 GHz radio OFF on NWA130BE (controlled by Nebula)?

Note: I am not asking how to exclude the 6 GHz band from a specific SSID. I want to turn the 6 GHz radio OFF completely so that the AP is not active on the 6 GHz band until such time that I have WiFi 7 clients.

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    Hi @Arctic_Hare,

    Normally, we recommend excluding the 6 GHz band from SSIDs for this purpose.

    However, you mentioned you want to disable 6 GHz completely. But Nebula does not have a button to disable 6 GHz radio currently. Therefore, you may ssh to your AP and reference the commands below to configure:

    Router# configure terminal
    Router(config)# wlan slot3
    Router(config-wlan-slot)# no activate
    Router(config-wlan-slot)# exit

    In addition, the 6 GHz radio will be enabled after configuring your AP on Nebula or rebooting it.

    Zyxel Melen

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