Understanding Usage and % Usage in Nebula APs

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The "Usage" and "% Usage" columns in Devices > Access points provide crucial information about the data consumption and the relative usage of your access points. Here is what each term means:

  1. Usage: This column shows the amount of data consumed by the clients connected to the Nebula APs.
  2. % Usage: This column shows the percentage of the Nebula Device's data usage relative to other devices.

Example from the updated dashboard:

  • AP06_Meeting: 0 bytes consumed, representing 0.0% of total usage.
  • AP01_CSO_NW: 7.36 GB consumed, representing 41.3% of total usage.
  • AP05_103: 2.27 GB consumed, representing 12.7% of total usage.
  • AP03_SLS: 3.05 GB consumed, representing 17.1% of total usage.
  • AP02_RMA: 1.63 GB consumed, representing 9.1% of total usage.
  • AP04_Marketing: 3.54 GB consumed, representing 19.8% of total usage.

How to Use This Information:

  • Monitor Network Performance: By keeping an eye on the "Usage" and "% Usage" columns, you can monitor the performance of your network and ensure that no single access point is being overloaded.
  • Optimize Resource Allocation: If one access point is consistently showing high usage percentages, consider redistributing your clients or adding additional access points to balance the load.
  • Troubleshoot Issues: High data consumption on an access point may indicate potential issues such as misconfigured devices, excessive video streaming, or other bandwidth-heavy activities that need addressing.

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