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I really wanted to like the flex-h series but it's just NOT happening. Just found out no vpn routing → under development.

By chance i only switched and tried out one of the zywalls in our infrastructure but even to replace one "old" flex the flex h is still lacking features, POE didn't work from day one and just admit it whilst "new looking modern" the new OS and the whole H-serie was just released to market in a way too early stage.

This lack of available features (some under development), limitations of port grouping and and and have simply been a bit "hidden" in the new flex marketing material.

I now de-commissioned the flex 500h and switched back to flex 500.

My question is :

I have a new security licence running on the flex 500h since a few weeks but haven't renewed for the 500. As the flex 500h will have a paperweight function for certainly a few months (until the product is mature enough) could I at least convert the flex 500h licence and use it for flex500 ??

How to proceed ??

Any help appreciated

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    Hi @eddyshere,

    To better help you for your request "convert the flex 500h license to flex 500", I would like to clarify these questions:

    1. This lack of available features (some under development)
      May I know what features are needed in your network but the FLEX H series currently lacks?
    2. POE didn't work from day one
      - May I know what PD did you connected? We tested the FLEX 500H can power up the Zyxel Access points.
      - Did you connect to Port 3 or 4? FLEX 500H only has these two ports to delivering power to PD.
      - Did you use power adapter from the brown box to power up your FLEX 500H? The wrong power adapter could cause FLEX 500H cannot delivering power to PD.

    Thanks in advance.

    Zyxel Melen

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