How can I find information about the PoE budget of a switch?

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Determining the Power over Ethernet (PoE) budget for a network switch is essential for network planning, especially when deploying devices that rely on PoE for power, such as IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones. This guide will direct you to find the PoE budget information for Zyxel switches.


1. Visit the Zyxel Website:

Start by accessing Zyxel's official product page here. .

2. Filter PoE Standards:

On the switch page, scroll down to the "Majority PoE Port Standard" section and select the PoE standard that applies to your needs, such as 802.3at on the left menu.

3. Select a Switch Model:

After filtering, choose a specific model to explore, such as the XGS2220.

4. View Specifications:

On the model’s page, navigate to the Specifications tab from the menu to access detailed information.

5. Identify Models with High PoE Budgets:

Look for models with 'HP' (High Power) or 'FP' (Full Power) in their name, which typically indicate a higher PoE budget.

6. Check PoE Budget:

In the PoE section of the specifications, you will find the total PoE budget listed in watts.

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