[NEBULA] How to configure MAC-based Authentication for Wireless Network

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MAC-based Authentication allows you to protect your network from unauthorized users without requiring your end devices to input or apply any security settings.

1. Go to AP > Configure > Authentication and select the SSID. 

2. In the Network access section, select "Open" or "WPA2 Pre-shared Key".

*You cannot use "WPA2-Enterprise" together with MAC-based Authentication.

3. Turn-On MAC-based Authentication.

*Select "My RADIUS server" if your network has a local RADIUS server for authentication.

4. Save your settings.

A. If using Nebula cloud authentication:

1. Go to ORGANIZATION or SITE-WIDE > Configure > Cloud Authentication > MAC.

2. Select [+ Add] and create your trusted device's MAC address.

3. Save your settings.


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    Nebula_Barney Posts: 79  Zyxel Employee
    B. If using My RADIUS server:

    1. Click [+ Add a server] and configure your RADIUS server.

    2. Add RADIUS client in your RADIUS server. Make sure client IP and secret is correct.

    *Example taken from FreeRADIUS.

    3. Add MAC address in RADIUS user account. Follow the Account Format used in your Nebula AP's RADIUS server settings.
        Account Format [ ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff  ]

       Account Format [ FFFFFFFFFFFF ]

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