Why is my AP blinking blue?

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If your AP is blinking blue, it indicates that the AP is performing a Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS) scan and selecting a Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) channel (CH52 ~ CH144) for its service channel. During this time, the AP is conducting a Channel Availability Check (CAC).

The CAC is necessary to ensure that the chosen channel is not being used by radar systems. This process can take some time:

  • For channels 120~128, the wait time is 10 minutes.
  • For other DFS channels, the wait time is 1 minute.

During the CAC, the AP will temporarily halt all wireless services, and your SSID will not be visible.

Please be patient and wait until the CAC process is finished. Once completed, the LED status will change, and your SSID should reappear.

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