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Hi All,

Let's say I have a website running on my server at port 80. I added this service in Network - NAT and added a new rule in Policy Control for this service and a particular user.
The user accesses the website like:, but how to pass an username and password so that only this particular user can access the website?

Thanks in advance.

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  • zyman2008
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    It's two step.
    First, login to your USG with the username & password.
    You will get a login session page. Keep it open so that USG know the source IP address is bind to this username.

    Then, open another new tab or new windows on browser to access the website behind USG.
  • PeterHer
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I have made some changes in the past so the USG210 is only accessible within a local network.
    Cannot figure out what I did, so a user cannot logon through internet.
    SYSTEM - WWW - HTTPS is set to 443 and is enabled.
    SYSTEM - WWW - HTTP is set to 8090 and is enabled.
    Cannot access the USG210 with or from a remote location.

    Anything else I should set?

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