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Currently it doesn't seem to be possible to completely delete an old client record (e.g. from the list of NSG clients), even not, if the client isn't online anymore. A complete removement of client specific data (e.g. MAC address) from the NCC on demand of a client could be an important use case for e.g. GDPR specific actions in the hospitality sector. Are there any plans to implement that in future releases?


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    Hi @flottmedia

    This is an interesting topic you've brought up.

    Device MAC addresses should not count as personal data. But for applications like WPA2-Enterprise, Captive Portal, and L2TP, then the user accounts used here are counted as personal data and should fall under the Right of Erasure.

    We will consider providing an option in the Nebula interface to erase user-related information on later updates.

    In the mean time, you can submit a request of user-related information removal using our support channel and we will remove these data through our backend.

    We also suggest that wireless users sign or agree to a disclaimer (e.g. adding Terms of Use in Captive Portal landing page) before accessing the wireless network.

    Barney Gregorio

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