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On the Clients > Switch Clients page there is an "Add Client" button. I understand that I can use this to give a MAC address a name before it ever connects to the network. But, what does the VLAN field do?

I would assume this would let me force the MAC address onto a certain VLAN when it comes online, but I've tried it and find the device just ignores whatever I set and follows the PVID setting of the switch port it has been connected to.

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    Hi @SkyGoat

    The VLAN field in the Switch Clients > “+ Add Client” is used as follows:

    • Blocked: When you set the policy to "Blocked," it will block the specified VLAN traffic for the given MAC address.
    • Normal: When the policy is set to "Normal," it will remove the MAC address from the block list, allowing normal traffic flow for that MAC address.

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