How to activate the AP part of a USG Flex 100ax in Nebula?

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I've just acquired a USG Flex 100ax Firwall/AP combo with (hopefully) appropriate licenses. We’re currently using products from another brand but are considering switching to Zyxel. Hence this test.

I've gotten the firewall part set up in Nebula with both WAN and LAN working fine, but I can't find out how to access the AP (access point) part of the 100ax.

I have configured two SSIDs but they are not being advertised. The AP part of the 100ax does not "show up" in the Nebula dashboard - neither under the Devices/Access points nor Devices/Firewall. Seeing it's a combined firewall and AP, how should it show up in Nebula?

As the 100ax is controlled by Nebula, I can’t connect to it locally to see if I can get the AP part to work that way.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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