Nebula switch stable firmware version update

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Zyxel regularly maintain a stable firmware version in Nebula to enhance network stability and optimize user experience. Organizations will automatically receive a new stable firmware upgrade notification if their switch firmware is at a below "stable" version. Please coordinate upgrade schedules to minimize service disruptions.

Note: Please refer to your notification mail to get upgrade time.
Model seriesUpdate STABLE version
GS1350 seriesV4.70(ABXX.5)
GS1915 seriesV4.70(ACXX.3)
GS1920 seriesV4.80(ABXX.0)
GS2220 seriesV4.80(ABXX.0)
NSW100 series V3.00(ABXX.4)
NSW200 series V3.00(ABXX.4)
XGS2220 seriesV4.80(AXXX.2)
XMG1930 seriesV4.80(ACAX.3)
XS1930 seriesV4.80(ABXX.2)
XS3800 seriesV4.80(ABML.2)