[NEBULA] NSG 100 - Maximum sessions per host (1000) was exceeded.

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Is it possible to configure the value for the maximum sessions per host in the nebula control center?

BR Jochen

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  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Hi @mjr
    It's already in our roadmap will be launched in this year, I will update the schedule once confirm of it~ B)

  • MikyMike
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    Hi @Nebula_Chris

    Good to hear an update for this is coming. I have two NSG100's connected to each other, and I am running frequently, almost daily, into the 1000 session limit per host (in the event log), while I am currently just the only person test using a setup (with less than 20 devices combined over both NSG's).

    When it would go into production with this limit of just 1000 sessions per host it wouldn't be so good. So I am quite curious to hear of any news on when or how this limit can be changed (also fine if there is a temporary solution through ssh or )?

    The situation occurs naturally (reaching the limit), but when I do a scan on the network to see what is connected, with a tool like Advanced Port Scanner, which helps to see which devices can be seen through the VPN, or do a port scan from the outside to see if no ports are left open by accident, the session limit is reached every time this is done. If there is a smarter way or tool to check this without creating many sessions, any tips on avoiding reaching the limit?

  • MikyMike
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    p.s. or if there is way to kill sessions, that would help, I am now waiting to use the system till the session count is low enough, but easier if I could actively do something about it of course :-)
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    Hi @MikyMike,

    We have already enhanced the session limit feature on NCC.
    You may go to GATEWAY > Configure > Traffic Shaping to configure.

    Hope it helps.


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