FWA710 WiFi missing therefor cannot use ZYXEL Air app for signal strength optimisation

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I have seen another thread and understand that the FWA WiFi is disabled after 30 mins for security reasons. The stated solution being to link by hardwire ethernet to the FWA and use the web interface to turn the Wi-Fi back on for 30 mins. Can you advise where this ability to turn the Wi-Fi back on resides in the web interface, I couldn't see it. To compound matters in trying to get this Wi-Fi enabling issue resolved I ended up with the FWA being cloud managed via Nebula and when I try to connect via ethernet and the Web interface I am told that this is not possible and I need to log on to nebula in order to manage the FWA. Wherein Nebula is the option to enable the FWA Wi-Fi, I can't see it?

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