How to do if AP is not functioning?

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Access Points (APs) are crucial for maintaining network connectivity in any environment. If an AP is not functioning, it can disrupt the entire network. The goal is to identify and troubleshooting the issue and restore the AP's functionality as quickly as possible.

Possible Symptoms and Links for Troubleshooting

  1. AP is offline on Nebula

What to do if the AP is offline?

How to check the Cloud Control Status when AP is offline on Nebula?

2. Unable to access the AP
What to do if can’t access AP by any method?

3. AP is not turning on / AP can't bootup

How to do if my AP can't turn on?

4. AP Link down

How to Troubleshoot Link down on Nebula Switch Ports Connected with APs?

5. Feature not functioning as expected

How to check my AP support what features on Nebula?