How to separate networks on USG FLEX 500H to isolate the server from the local network

Leonard00 Posts: 2

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a USG FLEX 500H and I'm trying to configure my network to separate the Nextcloud server from the local network where all the PCs are connected. I want to enhance security by isolating the server from the rest of the network. Currently, the Nextcloud server is installed via snap.

I have a single local network (LAN) with all devices connected, including PCs and the Nextcloud server.
I would like to create a separate network (e.g., VLAN) for the Nextcloud server to isolate it from the main PC network.
Could you please provide me with a guide or suggestions on how to configure my USG FLEX 500H to achieve this network separation? What are the steps to follow and the specific configurations to apply? I would greatly appreciate any configuration examples or tutorials.

Thank you very much for your help!

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