[NEBULA] Will exising gear work with the Nebula solution

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I am thinking of moving to the Nebula solution a couple of pieces at a time. I would start out with a NSG100 and a couple NSW100-28P switches. I have a NXC2500 controller and Zyxel waps. Will NXC2500 and waps  still work with Nebula switches and controller until I decide to swap out the waps to the Nebula solution?

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    From devices network interoperability this is a big yes! it only means that you will manage the gateway and switches from the cloud portal and the APs from the NXC. That being said, the controllers will not talk to each other or exchange information.

    You will see the APs and AP clients' as switch and gateway clients on Nebula which info might include their OS, manufacturer and usage, but do not expect to see how are the wireless clients authenticated through the AP since that's AP info.
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