How to enable LAN port on NWA130BE

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The NWA130BE features both Uplink and LAN1 ports.
1.The Uplink port is used to connect the AP to your network, which could be a connection to a router.
2.The LAN1 port is typically used to connect other devices to your AP. For example, you might connect a computer, a printer, or another network device to the LAN1 port.

On the AP & port settings page in the Nebula, LAN1-3 of the Port settings are all enabled by default, and the corresponding information will be displayed in the lower column according to the AP model. For example, as shown in the figure, the AP has both Uplink and LAN1 ports, so the LAN1 Status of this AP is shown as enabled below.

To understand the Uplink and LAN1 ports on an AP, please reference this FAQ