NWA1123-AC-PRO IPv6 configuration

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The specs and user manual for the NWA1123-AC-PRO, V5.46(ABHD.0) Access points claims support for IPv6.

The user manual Version 5.2 shows screens for configuring IPv6 adresses for the access points as well as screens displaying IPv4 as well IPv6.

Nebula Control Center and the local admin page allow to set IPv4 address only. No support for IPv6.
How to configure the AP with IPv6?

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  • twhaas
    Thanks. Looking forward to full IPv6 support.
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    I've seen a great deal of support for IPv6 this year amongst the ISPs I use and more websites going that way. I have also configured all my Firewalls to use IPv6; much easier to access devices like switches etc without needing VPNs. (provided good rules are in place and using https!)
    Not having IPv6 feels like a backwards step, but appreciate implementation isn't a 5 minute job. But with so much carrier grade NAT about to compensate for IPv4 exhaustion, we should all be supporting IPv6 rollout.

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