Multiple NWA50X - Poor Performance

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I have five NWA50X access points scattered around my business premises over 2 floors.

My issues are mainly performance copying data from/to clients and general Internet usage, download speeds.

We have 1GB up/down for our broadband however, sometimes clients struggle and lose connection from the WiFi network, even though they're never more than 8 metres from an AP.

I'm not really a 'network guy', so any advice on settings to check etc would be greatly appreciated.

All APs are controlled via Nebula btw.

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    Hi @Astoroth

    It seems like the clients have been struggling to connect to WiFi, which might be due to various reasons. To investigate the issue, please help enable Zyxel Support Access for us to review the settings on your site and provide recommendations. Additionally, please let us know your Org/Site name.

    And to better understand the problem, could you clarify:

    1. Are specific clients having issues, or is it affecting everyone?
    2. When you say the download speed is low, how much is it?

    Share your now!


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