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Dear All
I am looking for a small device for WiFi such as NWA series to have an AP into my big house.
What I have is a Cisco POE switch, and what I need is to make the WiFi available in all the rooms with acceptable coverage.
What I need to know the below:
Does it support cluster(roaming) ability? where the user move transparently from one area to another and the username and password must be unified.
How many nodes the cluster can have?
Does it support multi SSID?
Is there a parental control and content control?
Does it support ACL?
Does it support QoS?
Does it support  802.11ac?
Does it support MU-MIMO ?
Can I make a heat-map to ensure the WiFi covered?

Thank you.

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    Just to confirm, If i created one SSID, the end-user can move freely from one area to another, having the device connected and the mobile device will have the coverage without any user authentication required or connection interruption. is that right?
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    That's right!
    You need to have all the access points added and configured into the same Nebula site and that will do fine.
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