[NEBULA] NXC or Nebula - NAP?

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Hi Community!
Our business in Hungary used to sell Zyxel NXC wireless solutions. The new Nebula access point series turn out to be quite nice, intuitive & neat for our customers, moreover, I like the simplicity providing me the visibility of customers' networks through NCC.
Based in your experience, should I consider to completely move to Nebula? What is your recommendation when to still use NXC and when to use Nebula?


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    In my understanding.....NXC has more configurations available and require higher skillsets from your IT.
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    I'm agree with @Hello_Geek and you also mentioned it, Nebula is more intuitive and you don't need to be a wireless guru to set up your network!
    I also think that if monitoring is a substantial part of the business, nebula will be more convenient since you can access it from everywhere.
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    maybe you can refer Nebula Solution Documentation under Document, and you may have the comparison between NXC and Nebula.
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    Hi JohnM,

    You also can refer the document under FAQ: How do I choose between Nebula or NXC products? to get more detail information. :smile:
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    Hey ppl! thanks for your comments. I consider our clients will like Nebula since everything is moving to on cloud services nowadays.

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