Looking up MAC Addresses in Inventory

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edited April 2021 in Nebula
If you log in to Nebula from the drop down list of organizations you can choose MSP Portal.

If you then go to the Organization tab and click on the list that opens "Inventory" is greyed out. In order to see the inventory you have to go to a specific Organization and then can only see the inventory for that Organization.

If you are looking for a specific MAC  Address, but do not know what Organization it is under you would have to check the Inventory in every single Organization. If you have a lot of Organizations this would be quite a task.

If the Inventory was not greayed out under the MSP Portal you would be able to see the inventory for all Organization and use the Search function of the browser to quickly find it it. The columns should show the device and the organization it belongs to.

This would be very useful.

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