[NEBULA] How to Backup NSG configuration from NCC

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Is possible to backup end then restore the configuration of my Secure Gateway from NCC consolle or it's possible only from local web access

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  • JohnM
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    There's a backup/restore function on NCC that could help you.
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    Hello @Franco_broglia
    Welcome to the community!!
    We can actually backup the site setting from NCC and restore it after create the backup profile. :)
    Here we go In Organization> Configuration management

  • Franco_broglia
    this mean that i save all firewall settings like VPN, Roles etc.
  • RUnglaube
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    This is what I needed to make maintenance windows simple! 
    I've tried already and love that is so simple to create a backup, and just need to select the site to do the restore. 
    Needless to say, the switch backup is even more useful to me, as it is device to device. Hope that in a near future, the number of backups per switch can be expanded :smile:
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