[NEBULA] Setup NWA1123-ACv2 to repeater mode


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  • Ngoc_Le_VN01
    Hi @Ngoc_Le_VN01

    The method involves a default mesh-ID present among all Nebula APs. 

    Three conditions must be fulfilled for a newly added AP without wired connection to automatically join the Smart Mesh:

        1. At least one Nebula AP acting as a root 
               - Smart Mesh enabled
               - Wired uplink port is connected
        2. Newly added AP is using latest firmware
        3. Newly added AP is added to the same Nebula organization as root AP

    When you power-on your new AP without a wired uplink connection, your AP will turn into repeater mode and scan the vicinity for the default mesh-ID. Your root AP will then check if this AP is registered under the same Nebula organization. Once verified, your root AP will allow your new AP to form a mesh and is allowed access in to the local network.

    At this point, new AP connects with NCC, receives site-related configurations, and finally connects to the true mesh-ID.

    Barney Gregorio
    Thank you very much for your detail instruction.


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