[Release Note] Nebula Control Center - Phase 7 software has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center

Release Note

March, 2019

New Feature and Enhancements

Available from Mar. 25th
  1. Firmware Upgrade supports recurring schedule. [Pro Pack feature]
  2. Default Firmware Upgrade window is changed to Monday 2am.
  3. Added Refresh button on AP/SW list page, AP/SW/GW client list page, and VPN connection page.
  4. Administrator can add Zyxel support account when needing the support request.
  5. Self-deactivation can be made by a full-privilege administrator.
  6. When AP captive portal is enabled, the default setting of captive portal access attribute is changed to "block access until sign-in", in order to support captive portal detection on Android version 7.1 and later.
  7. Old NAPs bundled with 1 year NCC Pro Pack license is also applicable for Limited Lifetime Upgrade (LLU)/Top Up license.
  8. Supports Advanced IGMP & IPTV report on Hybrid/NebulaFlex Switches. [Pro Pack feature]
  9. NSS report is enhanced to show detail information. [Security Pack feature]

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