[NEBULA] Mobile App seems not that useful

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The mobile App is really difficult to use!
First of all, after signing in, the site selection is not intuitive, there's no response if I tap the name of org until I tap count of sites.
Dashboard's functionality is limited, I can not drill down to see the details of devices.
I don't know why you design a more button with only two functions and one is logout!, the other is privacy information? What for?
Last but not least, I use this App mainly to add/register devices, why should I need to tap so many steps and only after switching to the devices list page to do that, is there no any shortcuts or something?


  • SYK
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    Yeah, I think too!
    And I've been disappointed to login every times!
  • Nebula_Bayardo
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    Hello guys!
    The improvements are already on the road map and we are currently working on it. By May 2017 (Phase II) we will have some usability enhancement and for Phase III we gonna release Nebula Mobile 2.0.
    So it's a matter of being patient, I'm sure it will worth the wait!
  • martinihenry
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    it worked fine for me to register nap , but UI does look bad from my point of view
  • Rix
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    It's near end 2022 and I can't do nothing I need to do but look at stuff and reboot. Adding a user or manage content filtering, so I guess keep using website on mobile device. Don't need to upload any pictures.  SMH

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