NWA1123-AC PRO disable unsecure services

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The ability to turn off services ftp,  http.  In my environment PCI 11.2.1 requires that internal vulnerability scans be run quarterly.  We run these scans on all of our lan segments.  ftp is generally considered an unsecure and in my case a un-necessary service.   When the device is paired to NCC it appears that the device management web interface is limited to basic network setup. 

Section 13.5.4 of the manual recommends disabling ftp which configuring SSH.

Section 13.7 Configuration > System > ftp will allow the service to be disabled.  But it does not appear that I can access this when the device is paired to NCC.


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    Hi @falcon_data,
    We have CLI commands for disabling the service you mentioned and if you need to use them for urgent, I can PM you for sharing.
    Thanks for your suggestion and we'll consider  to bring this to NCC.

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