[NEBULA] NAP102 - connection good but WiFi clients randomly say No Internet

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NAP102 plugged into a USG40, default settings, everything works fine - wired PCs never lose Internet, WiFi devices (usually all at the same time) connected to NAP102 randomly report that despite a good connection that Internet may not be availabel (and it isn't).  NAP102 is connected to Nebula and says firmware is current as of 2019.01.15.  Reboot of AP fixes issue temporarily but isn't necessary as devices will see WiFi interent after a bit of time passes. AP has static IP with DNS pointed to USG40 - Where do I start looking?

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    Hi @beckertech,

    Welcome to Zyxel Nebula Forum!

    Based on the description, if all WiFi devices disconnected at the same time.
    Please help to check if there is DCS schedule configured on DCS setting (AP > Radio Setting) or SSID schedule configured on AP > SSID schedule. If yes, does the disconnect time correspond with the schedule settings?

    Note: DCS client aware must be "On".  (AP > Radio Setting).

    Hope it helps.
  • DSC time interval on and set to 720
    DSC Schedule is off
    DSC client aware is on
    NO SSID schedule

    Further investigation suggests it is only devices with cellular networks that are losing Internet - today we had a video streaming on a Surface tablet but the phone right next to it suddenly showed it was connected to the AP but had a message about No Internet Available.(and the phone would not browse etc, until WiFi turned off, it was definitely trying to pull internet through the AP)

    Wired computers continued to be fine during issue.

    If you leave the device for a while the Internet service returns but it also shows connected to the AP the entire time.  If you turn the phone's WiFI off and on then the Internet returns.   All phones have no issues if connected to other APs at other locations.  I have not tried substituing a different AP in this location.  This may have started more than a month ago but not sure.

    Thank you for trying to help

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    Hi @beckertech,

    Thanks for the information.
    Please help to activate the Zyxel Support at HELP > Support request to let us have the privilege to verify the current status in your network environment.
    And I'll PM you to retrieve more detailed information.

  • FYI right now my phone was showing Internet may not be available.
    Now it is back.....

  • We've also received status messages on the phones that say Unable to obstain IP address
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    Since it seems not to be caused by wireless, how about checking wired connection?
    Can the AP ping to the gateway or DHCP server when the issue happened?
  • the AP pings the gateway with 1 ms latency, 0% loss rate
  • right now my laptop is on the AP, I even disconnected it and had it reconnect which completed with out any error, my phone says Failed to Obtain IP Address, a tablet with cellular was connected - disconnected, reconnected just fine, cell phone reconnected only after I turned off whireelss and reconnected. it's almost like it doesn't like the traffic coming from the cell phone and is disabling it or maybe the firewall is?

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