Really isolation for login AP via SSH, HTTP(S) when enabling Layer 2 Isolation

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Request from @dom

If I enable layer 2 isolation a client can still scan and access the AP (SSH, HTTP(S) etc).. this activity does not seem to be logged in any way.


  • dom
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    Just to update this.

    I understand the reason behind this is to allow the captive portal to function. However, this should only apply when a captive portal is selected and then only allowing http(s).

    As the scan and any attempts on the AP are not logged via the cloud (That I could see) default blocking would make more sense.
  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @dom,
    Thanks for your suggestion. The functions you mentioned can be disabled via commands and please let me know if you need to use it urgently. However, we'll do the internal discussion about your suggestion. Thanks.

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