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Hi evryone,
I'm Davide and i'm working in a little hospital.
I have Zyxel USG200 and i've a problem when i use the VPN connection.

If i use the VPN connection my pc will connect in my lan and work... The problem is when i want to digitally sign the document...
For to authtenticate the smartcard i need to connect my pc on different outside server. This server is can be reached only with our internal router (for internet i use a different router).
I set my static route on firewall but if I try to sign inside the LAN will be ok. Outside the LAN with VPN no...

I try different way: with VPN windows config and with SSL VPN config but the result will be same... No match!

With windows settings if I'll try ti ping and tracert the address i saw that the traffic unfurtnatly goes on mistake router (The route is correct...)
with sslVPN neither ping or tracert could be possible...

What can i do?

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    Hey @davide
    Sorry I cannot understand your problem clearly. My understanding is:
    - You cannot reach a server (the one used to sign documents) that is in another network behind another router different than your USG200.
    - You can reach this server from LAN but you cannot reach it from your VPN network (L2TP?)
    - You already configured the static route on the firewall (the USG?)

    Is that your situation?

    If so, did you configure the VPN network as static route from your other router pointing to the USG? Can you compare the tracert from your windows device with the tracert from your LAN PC?
    If you have a diagram or something it will be better to understand.
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    Dear @davide
    At the moment, this forum is exclusive for ZyXEL Nebula Cloud Solution.
    However, we are open and encourage to discuss general networking issues, opening the opportunity for the community members to help as much as they can.

    In order to help you out with your issue, we are going to contact you through private messages in a moment.
    Thanks for your understanding, and remember that it is our pleasure to help!
    Nebula Forum Moderator
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