[NEBULA] Nebula Pro Pack Feature: IPTV Report

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IPTV Report provides visibility to hotel owners for their IPTV channel usage. They can easily collect statistics on how many channels are being watched, the most popular channels as well as the least watched channels based on specific date and time. The information can help their decision making process for effective channel subscription.

The IPTV report starts with an overview of channel and client information:

  • The number of total channels in your system within the selected time frame
  • The number of channels that are currently being watched
  • The number of unique viewers that are currently watching the channels

In next section the Channel Summary shows the information of channel share rate based on the set time frame. It displays the most popular or least popular channels. You can also manually select up to 10 channels to review with different time period, which can help you understand your guests’ interest and determine the popular channels to continue its subscription.

Optimization by machine learning

The most intelligent feature in our IPTV report is the Network Analytic Alert; the network traffic is analyzed on each switch port to detect if there are any unusual events that may impact your IPTV services. Through machine learning and monitoring scheme, the system automatically gives you hints on what’s happening, along with advices on the action to resolve the issues and to optimize your IPTV network. This can prevent IPTV network from losing services or suffer downgrade in performance.

In Channel Information, you will be able to view the clients’ detail of specific channels including: client IP, viewing time, VLAN usage, switch, and port to which the client is connected. You can also modify the channel names by making it more straightforward to view.

The report further illustrates more statistic information in the channel detail page, such as the total viewers per hour and who they are. You can check the current viewer statistics for each channel by clicking on a channel name.

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