[NEBULA] Nebula Pro Pack Feature: Advanced IGMP & IPTV Report

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IPTV is a common application in hospitality especially in hotels. It streams analog TV channels over IP multicasting. While people enjoy the benefit of cost saving from typical coaxial cabling and analog equipment, the evolution of technology introduces new challenges. For instance, digital TV makers are far less familiar with IP multicasting technology as they adopt to IGMP protocol into their product, and when improper IGMP settings are set, both can impact IPTV performances and quite often exhibits the following symptoms in their IPTV deployment:

  • Long pauses when turning on IPTV
  • Random screen freeze and pixilation
  • Delays when switching between channels

Understanding how IPTV is being watched can help hotel owners make effective assessments on their decision on selecting TV channels for subscription. On the administrative side, hotel managers and IT administrators, today’s network can provide them statistical information to better improve their services. For most deployments, IPTV channels are broadcast by headend servers, which make it difficult to understand which channels are being watched.

To address all the matters above, the Nebula Control Center (NCC) has recently engineered an advanced IGMP technology with granular control options for IGMP streaming setup that is accompanied with comprehensive IPTV reports that provide insights to channel usage information

Additionally, through machine learning and monitoring scheme, the system automatically gives you hints on what’s happening, along with advices on the action to resolve the issues and to optimize your IPTV network. This can prevent IPTV network from losing services or suffer downgrade in performance.

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